Majors for Miners (Graduation Cords)

2023 Cord Recipient lists are now available on each of the individual subject pages. Click the links below on the right hand side.

Physical lists are also posted in the upstairs hallway next to the Social Studies hall.

Students at Bingham High School may earn graduation cords for particular subjects through the Majors for Miners program. Cords are received for doing above and beyond what is generally required. Each department offers a major. Please fill out the respective application.

Once the application is approved, students are eligible to receive a cord to wear at graduation. Cords will be paid for by Bingham High School at no cost to students.

Transcript Procedure
For transcripts to include with cord applications, please request them through the Bingham Website Home page or use this link:

(Instructions for Transcript Requests)

Graduation Cords are available in the following subjects:

College & Career ReadyMs. Spicker (Counseling)
CTE, Technology & EngineeringMr. Jensen – V104
CTE, Business & MarketingMrs. Call – B205
CTE, Family & Consumer ScienceMrs. Dunn – H107
CTE, Skilled & TechnicalMr. Nuttall – V101
CTE, Health SciencesMrs. Cox – 208
Health & Recreation/PEMs. Bouwhuis – Gym
Language ArtsMs. Hollinger – E207
World LanguagesMs. Dodge – 207
MathMrs. Cannon – 106
Performing ArtsMs. Terrell – G102
ScienceMr. Fish – S101
Social StudiesMrs. Cook – 203
Visual ArtsMrs. James – A106
College and Career Readiness Logo

Color of the Cords:

  • CTE – Light purple
  • Health/ PE – Green
  • Math – Navy
  • Visual Arts – Red
  • Performing Arts – Orange
  • Social Studies – White
  • Science – Black
  • Language Arts / World Language – Dark purple
  • Counseling Cord – Blue and white 
Graduation Cord blue and white

Applications are due by 
​April 7th, 2023 by 3:00 p.m.

Requirements for Majors for Miners

Click on the following categories for requirements for each cord.

Majors for Miners
​Application Shortcuts

General Majors for Miners application for the 2022-2023 school year
(Please see dept. requirements above or specific dept. applications below):

CTE, World Languages, Social Studies and Science have unique applications. All other areas use the General Cords Application found above.

Application for World Languages

Application for Social Studies

Application for Science Cord

To see the requirements for the CTE categories, please click on the individual applications listed below.

Individual Applications for the CTE Majors for Miners: