College & Career Readiness (CCR) Cord

2022 Cord Recipients

Casorla, Jadyn

Child, Lily

Claybaugh, Hayley

Claybaugh, Jenna

Day, Sarah

Earl, Jacob

Eldredge, Ciara

Feldman, Sarah

Fulwider, Liliane

Gavino, Jesse

Jones, Ella

Melonas, Anna

Melonas, Laurisa

Ngatuvai, Keilani

Ordyna, Jocelyn

Petersen, Katelyn

Pettit, Abbeygail

Rudd, Delaney

Simmons, Ellie

Teeples, Trisha

Tree, Makenna

Treft, Jack

Turnbow, Emily

Whipple, Ashtyn

The purpose of the Bingham High School College & Career Ready Cord is to help students prepare and position themselves to make that next-step transition after high school. The Bingham High School College & Career Ready Cord is designed to give students the opportunity to experience leadership, demonstrate competency in their academics or program of study, develop career ready skills, and prepare for college.

In order to successfully complete the College & Career Ready Cord, students must complete both the CORE and SUPPLEMENTAL requirements in four areas: Leadership, Academic, Career Readiness, and College Readiness.

You can download a copy of the tracking sheet for the CCR cord by clicking on the image to the right.

In order to receive the CCR cord, students will be required to submit a Student Portfolio, along with the tracking sheet as proof of completion.

Tracking Sheet for CCR Cord

Tracking Sheet for CCR Cord

For the requirements and documents necessary for each component of the Bingham High School College & Career Ready Cord, click on the button below:

For instructions on how to assemble the CCR Student Portfolio, click on the button below: