2023 General Majors for Miners Application

Adviser: Stephanie Cannon
Room: 106


**Pathway #1 Requirements**:

  • 2.5 years of math in 10th -12th grade, including at least 0.5 credit earned in an advanced math class
  • A minimum of a B+ in all math courses (all 4 quarters of each different class)
  • Advanced math classes include:
    • Math 1030
    • Math 1040
    • Math 1050
    • Math 1060
    • AP Calculus AB or AB/BC
    • AP Statistics

Attach a copy of your transcript (a photocopy of your unofficial transcript is okay) to your application form. Highlight all of your math classes.

**Pathway #2 Requirements**:

  • Math ACT score of 30 or higher.  This is not the composite score!  Just what you scored on the math section of the ACT

Bring an official copy of your ACT score for Mrs. Cannon to check (you may keep the original)