World Languages

2023 Cord Recipients

Anderson, Kyra

Anderson, Olivia

Anderton, Alexa

Babbitt, Mariah

Bayles, Halle

Beckstead, Kara

Benson, Avery

Block, Christopher

Borde, Davia

Brown, Michael

Browning, Sydney

Burga-Ibarra, Gonzalo

Casey, Kaden

Cederlof, Melody

Chavez, Jazlynn

Clarke, Ashton

Cross, Lilie

Cunningham, Emma

England, Jack

Densley, Tessa

Faux, Samantha

Gould, Gracie

Hodnett, Sarah

Hymas, Dalton

Jacobsen, Ellie

Jardine, Rebecca

Johnson, Ashtyn

Kemp, Trevor

Kharidia, Aastha

Leonard, Keaton

Lonni, Alyssa

McIntosh, Madilynn

Munanui, Hinarei

Nelson, Paige

Neumann, Lindsey

Newbold, Tyler

Nufer, Grace

Page, Abigail

Pace, Carly

Perschon, Cierra

Philbrick, Matthew

Roberts, Sam

Rock, Tyler

Scott, Ethan

Shepherd, Tessa

Thomas, Gracie

Troya Prado, Yaelin

Warner, Kevin

Waters, Rebecca

White, Nathan

Advisor: Ms. Dodge
Room: 207


Please click on the link above for the full requirements for this cord.

To receive a “Majors for Miners” World Language graduation cord you must meet all the requirements listed below, and submit documentation of courses taken/exams passed.

  • Requirement 1: 3.0 GPA in World Language courses (9-12 grade).
  • Requirement 2:  Meet at least one of the following options:

Option A
Complete at least 3 years of
World Language courses   
(9-12 grade); with at least two years in the same language.
Option B
Pass an AP World Language exam
Receive the Seal of Biliteracy
Option C
Participate in a study abroad in a country whose dominant
language is not English, for at least one semester.