World Languages

2022 Cord Recipients

Zoie Andersen

Genesis Aquina

Janessa Blackham

Lily Child

Easton Clawson

Audrey Coates

Eliza Defazio

Ella Densley

Estioko, Mele`

Liliane Fuliwider

Jesse Gavino

Tana Gonzales

McKay Hancock

Rebecca Hawkins

Alexa Herrera

London Hyde

Denmark Jensen

Ella Jones

Leah Kartchner

Nicole Ladle

Kian Manbeian

Landon Maynes

Laurisa Melonas

Anna Melonas

Caroline Meredith

Sophia Navincopa

Ryan Picou

Karen Diaz Rey

Cayla Rodriguez

Micheal Sumsion

Alaxander Sarabia

Megan Spencer

Sarah Stewart

Sarah Storm

Sofia Taiba

Trisha Teeples

Dallin Teeples

Jamin Thompson

Angella VanValkenburg

Advisor: Ms. Dodge
Room: 207


Please click on the link above for the full requirements for this cord.

To receive a “Majors for Miners” World Language graduation cord you must meet all the requirements listed below, and submit documentation of courses taken/exams passed.

  • Requirement 1: 3.0 GPA in World Language courses (9-12 grade).
  • Requirement 2:  Meet at least one of the following options:

Option A
Complete at least 3 years of
World Language courses   
(9-12 grade); with at least two years in the same language.
Option B
Pass an AP World Language exam
Receive the Seal of Biliteracy
Option C
Participate in a study abroad in a country whose dominant
language is not English, for at least one semester.