Language Arts


2022 Cord Recipients

Andersen, Zoie

Aquino, Genesis

Ball, Devon

Bond, Marissa

Chamberlain, Kenyann

Chapple, Eliza

Christensen, Isabelle

Degn, Isabella

Denison, Jaden

Dishman, Jacob

Eldredge, Ciara

Ellison, Kaycee

Galke, Davis

Gilbert, Kylie

Gowers, Dainy

Hancock, McKay

Harris, Shinaya

Hart, Adison

Hooper, Emma

Jack, Hallie

Jensen, Denmark

Martinez, Maria Morales

Manbeian, Kian

Meredith, Caroline

Miller, Miles

Nelson, Morgan

Ngatuvai, Keilani

Oniki, Kaitlyn

Orth, Alena

Pettit, Abbeygail

Reidhead, Katelyn

Robins, Jacey

Sadler, Madelyn

Seeley, Isabelle

Shoell, Chloe

Smith, Melanie

Snyder, Dawson

Storm, Sarah

Sumsion, Michael

Teeples, Dallin

Turnbow, Emily

Ward, Robyn

Watson, Diana

Whipple, Ashtyn

White, Elinor

Williams, Julee

Wong, Emma

Advisor: Ms. Hollinger
Room: E207


We are excited that you have focused on Language Arts and all it has to offer. To qualify for an English cord, you must show outstanding skills related directly to English during your time at Bingham High School. Here you will see the expectations to qualify for an English cord. Applications must be filled out completely and include correct information as well as documentation. Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

Mandatory requirement 1: You cannot have any grade lower than a B in any English class from 9th grade on. Include your transcripts to show this.

Mandatory requirements 2: Your GPA in English must be at least a 3.500. (For your information, an A grade = 4.0; an A- grade = 3.7; a B+ grade = 3.3; and a B grade = 3.0. Average all your English GPA’s to make sure your total is at least a 3.5. Include a list of your classes and the grades you received to show you meet this requirement.)

Mandatory requirement 3: You must have met one of the following options:

If you have met all of the mandatory requirements, please fill out the application for an English. No applications will be accepted after the deadline.
*These are the classes that count toward an English class. Remember, you must have your required credit (1.0) of English as well as an additional credit of English (1.0) from this list:

Credit sheet