Plan for College & Career Readiness Presentations

Counselors meet every year with each grade level to review Graduation Requirements, explore options of High School opportunities (AP, Concurrent Enrollment, CTE Pathways and more) as well as help students discover post high school College and Career options.

12th grade

Counselors will be visiting Language Arts classes on Sept 27th and 28th. Senior students will be given important important information about Deadlines, Admissions, Scholarships, and much more.

11th grade

Counselors will be visiting with parents and students in PCCR meetings in the month of February. These meetings are made by appointment. Students will be given information about Graduation Requirements, High school opportunities, scholarships, AP and Concurrent Enrollment options and much more.

10th grade

The Plan for CCR presentation is delivered to 10th graders every quarter in the Careers Class*

The schedule for the 2022-23 school year is as follows:
1st Quarter: August 29-30
2nd Quarter: November 14-15
3rd Quarter:  January 30-31
4th Quarter: April 10-11

*Parents are welcome to join their student during their scheduled period.