Student Portfolio

Assembly Instructions

  1. Make sure that you have completed all of the portfolio requirements (both “Core” and “Supplemental”) in each of the four portfolio areas (Leadership, Academics, Career Readiness, and College Readiness).
  2. The BHS College & Career Readiness Tracking Sheet should be the first item in the portfolio. It must contain a signature from the counselor who was responsible for verifying that each of the components of the portfolio was completed. Parents are not allowed to verify the portfolio. Students should also be sure to fill in their information at the bottom of the tracking sheet and include their signature.
  3. The portfolio should contain four dividers: one for each of the four areas of the portfolio. Organize the documentation that is required for each of the areas behind the divider of its respective area. The documentation that is required for each item is clearly described n the Requirements for the CCR cord.
  4. Electronic portfolios may also be submitted. They must be organized in the same fashion as the traditional portfolio and contain the same required documentation outlined in the requirements. A hard copy of the paper tracking sheet must still be submitted.
  5. The portfolio should be contained in a three-ring binder. Since the portfolio contains valuable documents that may be devalued with a three-ring punch, you may want to consider using three-ring sheet protectors for valuable documents like certificates and awards.
  6. Portfolios need to be submitted to the Bingham High School Counseling Center prior to the deadline.

Click below to download a copy of these instructions.