Requirements for the CCR Cord

To qualify for the College & Career Readiness (CCR) Cord, complete the requirements from the following 4 areas:

Core – complete BOTH of the following:

  • Leader/member in an organization, team or club sponsored by Bingham High School – Join and be an active member of the program. The advisor will certify membership with a signature on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet and you will need to include a signed Certificate of Membership/Participation in your student portfolio.
  • Service Learning Project Participation – Participate in a minimum of one service learning project (4 hours) during the current school year. Teacher will verify service learning project completion with a signature on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet and student will include a completed Service Learning Project Documentation form in their student portfolio. Giving back to the community can boost scholarship resumes. If you are looking for local volunteer opportunities check out Youthlinc.

Supplemental – Complete ONE of the following service projects. You will need to obtain a signature on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet from the advisor (scout leader, coordinator, etc.) and include a completed Community Involvement/Service form in your portfolio.

  • Religious Service Project 
  • Scout Service Project
  • Youth Council (city)
  • Care Center
  • Hospital
  • Other – obtain permission from your counselor for any other service based activity that is not mentioned above. Permission MUST be obtained before the project is carried out. 

Core – Complete the following:

  • Earn a GPA of 3.0 at Bingham High School. You must earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA through the end of the 3rd quarter of your senior year. Provide a copy of the report card or a Skyward printout that shows completion of the 3rd quarter course work at the time of your portfolio submission.

Supplemental – Complete ONE of the following:

  • Complete 3 courses in the following areas: AP, concurrent enrollment or honors.
  • Presentation/Skills Demonstration – Conduct a formal classroom presentation as defined and certified by your classroom teacher on your Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet. A copy of the presentation must be included in the student portfolio.
  • Writing Sample/Student Reflection – Complete a student reflection writing assignment and include it in the student portfolio as assigned and certified by a teacher/counselor on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet or you may complete this Writing Reflection Activity for inclusion in your student portfolio.

Career Readiness:
Core – Complete ALL of the following:

  • Cover Letter – Include a completed cover letter in your student portfolio. For guidelines on how to write a cover letter, visit
  • Resume – Include a completed resume in your student portfolio. 
  • References – Include a personal reference list for use in employment in the student portfolio. Guidelines on creating a personal reference list can be found here:
  • Professional Dress – Participate in a minimum of two “Professional Dress” days of your choosing. Certification of professional dress participation will be indicated by a counselor or staff member in the counseling office on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet and inclusion of a BHS Certificate of Professional Dress

Supplemental – Complete TWO of the following:

  • Maintain Employment – Maintain employment for a minimum of three (3) consecutive months as verified by the employer on the Employment Verification/Work Experience document and include this in your portfolio.
  • Internship – Successfully complete the Internship course offered at Bingham High School. This allows students to explore career options and gain workplace experience. Students participate in seminars, observe and interact with professionals. Students will participate in partnerships between businesses and the school. Certify your completion by obtaining the instructor’s signature on the Student Portfolio Tracking Sheet. You must also include the Internship Reflection paper in your student portfolio.
  • Punctuality at School – Do not be tardy more than 4 days for the YEAR. Include a printout of attendance records from Skyward in your student portfolio. Print the attendance report after the end of 3rd quarter to verify your punctuality.
  • Career Pathway Completion – Earn at least 2.0 credits from the coursework in one of the CTE Pathways, submit a Pathway Completer Application. You must include the Pathway Completer Certificate in your student portfolio.

College Readiness:
Core – Complete TWO of the following:

  • College Report – Compare/contrast 3 colleges. Select 3 colleges/universities you are interested in and do a comparison using the criteria found here: College Report. You must include the college report in your student portfolio.
  • Formal College Campus Visit & One Virtual Tour – Schedule and attend a formal campus visit at the college of your choice and one virtual tour of a college and write a brief description of your experiences. Various campus tours are available and can usually be arranged by visiting the college/university’s website. Use the College Visit Document to gather information during your visits and include the report in the student portfolio.
  • Attend College Day – Attend three sessions during College Day at Bingham High School and complete the College Day Worksheet. You must include the College Day Worksheet in your student portfolio.

Supplemental – Complete THREE of the following:

  • Letter of Recommendation – Obtain at least one letter of recommendation for use on a scholarship and/or college admissions application. Use the College & Scholarship Recommendation Form. A copy of the letter of recommendation will need to be included in your student portfolio.
  • College Essay/Writing Sample – Write and include a college admissions essay in your student portfolio. The College Board website has essay writing tips and sample essays.
  • Financial Aid Seminar Attendance – Attend a Financial Aid Night that is sponsored by the Utah Council and UHEAA. Resource literature from the presentation must be included in the portfolio. 
  • Two Scholarship Applications – Complete two scholarship applications and include a copy of the applications in your student portfolio.
  • FAFSA Application – Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application. Include a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) in your student portfolio to show certification of your FAFSA submission. The SAR is generally delivered via email 72 hours after submission of an electronic FAFSA application. For more information and guidance on FAFSA submission, attend a Financial Aid Nigh sponsored by the Utah Council and UHEAA.
  • High School Transcript – Include a copy of your high school transcript in your student portfolio. This transcript may be an unofficial one obtained from the counseling center.
  • ACT/SAT Completion – Include a copy of your ACT or SAT results in your student portfolio.
  • PLAN Test Completion – Include a copy of your PLAN test results in your student portfolio.
  • PSAT Completion – Take the PSAT/NMSQT exam in the Fall of your junior year. Include a copy of your test results in your student portfolio. Bingham High School administers the PSAT/NMSQT each October.
  • ASVAB Completion – Take the ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery) exam. The ASVAB is given each Fall at Bingham High School. Include a copy of the test results in your student portfolio.

Downloadable Documents: