Driver’s Education Class

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Driver’s Education is a quarter class that is offered to all students at Bingham High School. Because the class is only a half of a semester long, for the other half of the semester students will be enrolled in a Careers Class. When a student chooses Driver’s Education on Arena Scheduling, they are automatically enrolled into the corresponding Careers Class. This is NOT an option. If the student wishes to take Driver’s Education at Bingham, then they must also take the Careers Class. 

Here is the breakdown of the birthdays for the Driver’s Education classes for the 2022-2023 school year: STUDENTS MUST HAVE PERMIT BEFORE STARTING THE CLASS, OTHERWISE THE CLASS WILL BE DROPPED.

1st Quarter: 12/11/05 – 12/23/06
2nd Quarter: 12/24/06 – 03/31/07
3rd Quarter: 04/01/07 – 06/15/07
4th Quarter: 06/16/07 – 10/18/07

For more information, you may also visit the Driver’s Ed page on the Bingham Miner’s website here:

Summer Driver’s Education Information

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Careers Class

The Careers Class is taken in conjunction with Driver’s Ed. Since the Driver’s Ed class is only a quarter, Careers Class is taken the opposite quarter in order to fill an entire semester’s worth of classes.

In the Careers Class, students will learn about different careers and the outlooks for the careers; what type of education is required for different careers; how to create resumes; how to search for scholarships; plus much more.

If a student is taking the Driver’s Ed class, Careers Class is NOT optional. It MUST be taken with the Driver’s Ed class. Careers Class itself counts as 0.25 credits toward electives.