Sophomore Language Arts Honor Letter

Dear Tenth English Students and Parents,

The Honors English Program at Bingham High School is designed to prepare sophomore English students for the Advanced Placement class which they may take for possible college credit as juniors or seniors.  Consequently, participating in the Sophomore Honors English program at Bingham is a privilege which carries a heavy level of commitment on the part of both the student and his/her parents.  Placement into the classes will be based on GPA, SAGE scores, citizenship, and attendance.  Except for rare instances, once the student has signed up for the Honors Program, he/she cannot transfer into a grade level English class; no transfers will be allowed during first quarter.

There is no longer any application required to enter Bingham’s 10th grade Honors English program.  Students interested in signing up for the class need to select 10th grade Honors English when the arena scheduling opens.  But please understand that we reserve the right to suggest class changes if a student is not qualified or not motivated to perform well in an honors class.  Just because you sign up for an honors class does not guarantee your success in such a program.

Please consider and thoroughly understand the following requirements before signing up for the class:

Student Responsibilities:

  • Complete three preparatory assignments during the summer (vocabulary, grammar/usage, and literature). These assignments will be posted on at the beginning of the summer.
  • Attend and participate in class regularly
  • Maintain at least a B average to qualify for Junior Honors English
  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship
  • Expect to move through more challenging material at a faster pace than in a regular English class.
  • Expect a substantial homework load — a minimum of two to six hours a week for the average honors student — which will include a considerable reading and writing schedule
  • Remain in the class the entire year.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Encourage your student to attend and participate in class.
  • Schedule activities and appointments for when the student is not in school.
  • Participate in at-home assignments/discussions as requested by the teacher.
  • Communicate concerns directly with the teacher.

We look forward to having you join us for a great year of Honors English!


Amber Thomas

Bingham High School Honors Program