Science Cord Application

Name: __________________________________________

Instructions: Turn in this completed application and accompanying required documentation listed below to Mr. Fish (room S-101). Students are responsible for acquiring appropriate teacher signatures and printing the required documents

Academic Standards

Write and calculate (where needed) the following values and highlight them on your transcript with highest value if done multiple times

ACT Science Reasoning Score: ____________
Cumulative GPA: ____________
Science Courses Cumulative GPA: ____________

Required Science CoursesQ1 GradeQ2 GradeQ3 GradeQ4 Grade
Biology/AP Biology
Chemistry/AP Chemistry
Physics/Honors Physics/AP Physics
Additional Science CoursesQ1 GradeQ2 GradeQ3 GradeQ4 Grade
*If currently enrolled in science courses, please have your current teacher initial and provide your 3rd quarter grade.

Science Participation Standard

Proof of participation must be provided — proof may include certificates of participation, placement awards, signature from advisor, receipt of registration, certification test results, etc.

Please identify which year/s applicant participated in these categories:

__________ MESA

__________ HOSA

__________ Academic Decathlon

__________ VEX/Robotics Club

__________ AP Science class Test Participation

__________ Science — School or district level

__________ College/University Sponsored Worshop

__________ CTE Science class completion

__________ Concurrent Enrollment science course

__________ College sponsored science course

Other(Specify what and where: ______________________________________________________________________

  • Attach a current transcript with science courses highlighted to verify courses and grades
  • Copy of ACT scores on transcript or attach a copy of your scores
  • Science participation documentation

Date Received: ______________

Notes: ___________

Approved___________ Denied________________