For college bound student athletes.

If you are planning to enroll in college as a freshman and are planning to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, you must register and be cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse. Student athletes must register by Junior and  Senior year to be eligible.

To be eligible, you must take 16 core classes from the list below. ( Use the guide below to mark off which classes you have or will take.).
You must also have your ACT or SAT score sent to NCAA. The ACT code is: 9999.


Please let your counselor and your coach know of your intentions to play college sports. Registration with the NCAA Clearinghouse should be done in the 4th quarter of your junior year. 

NOTE: If you have failed a core class & it needs to be made up, NCAA will ONLY accept the credit made up through Valley Summer School or online classes through Jordan District and/or SEATS. Additionally, any failed credits MUST be made up before the end of your JUNIOR year. That means, if you plan on pursuing athletics in college, you CANNOT fail any core classes end of junior year or during your senior year.

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Bingham classes that are NCAA Approved:

Monitor your eligibility to see if you’re on track to meet NCAA Requirements using the PDF File below: