Health Science Majors For Miners

*** The information for the courses between Bingham and JATC are wrong on the Print-out Form but are correct here ***

Name: _____________________________________________________

Student #: _________________________________________________

Completion of 2.0 credits from the following courses: Minimum grade in any class must be a B. (Transcript must be attached) Minimum of 1.0 credits from Bingham High School.

Bingham High Courses

Grade CourseCredits
Medical Forensics1.0
Medical Terminology.50
Medical Anatomy & Physiology1.0
Emergency Medical Responder.50
Exercise Science/Sports Medicine1.0
Advanced Anatomy/Physiology.50/1.0
Case Studies.25

JATC Courses

Dental Assisting2.0
Emergency Medical Technician2.0
Medical Assistant2.0
Nurse Assisting1.0
Physical Therapy1.0
Occupational Therapy1.0
Pharmacy Technician2.0
Surgical Technician2.0
Vet Assisting4.0

Participation in HOSA is Required. Please list participation activities below.

Active HOSA member: Participate in a minimum of 4 HOSA activities during grades 10-12. One year of HOSA Membership must be with the Bingham High HOSA Chapter.

Compete in at least 2 HOSA Competitions. One year of HOSA Competition must be with the Bingham High HOSA Chapter (In addition to activities)

HOSA Department Chair Signature (Mrs. Cox)

HOSA Advisor Signature