Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use my parent’s login for Arena Scheduling?

No. Please use your STUDENT skyward access.

Where do I get my login/password if I don’t know it?

Call or visit the Attendance Office. (801) 256-5110

What if I don’t see anything for Arena Scheduling?

Make sure you have selected Bingham High School and the correct school year in the field to the right of your name.

Do I have to have a complete schedule?

Yes, you must have a full schedule for both semesters. Make sure you include your core/required classes for your grade level. If you don’t do it now, class selection will be limited.

How do I sign up for early morning seminary?

Contact the seminary to fill out an application (801-254-8195). If you are accepted, it will not show on your schedule (only periods 1-8 are visible).

What if I can’t find a class by subject?

Try one of the other subjects. Some courses may not be listed by the common name, i.e. Seminary is listed as Release Time; Health is listed as Consumer Health; English is listed as Language Arts. Also, some classes may be listed under multiple categories, i.e. ballroom dance is listed under both Fine Arts and Healthy Lifestyles.

What if I can’t find a class with my favorite teacher?

The teacher for whom you are searching may not be teaching that subject next year. You can type in the teacher’s last name and hit search to find all the classes they will be teaching.

What if the “add” button does not work?

If the add button does not work, then it probably means the class is FULL. You will need to choose a different teacher or period. If there is no other option, schedule an alternate course. Waiting for classes to open will limit your choices of other classes.

If I plan on graduating early during my senior year, do I still have to schedule classes for the entire year?

Yes, you must schedule a full year’s worth of classes no matter what. If you meet the graduation requirements early and have the proper paperwork in place with your counselor and the principal, your counselor will adjust your schedule at the time you graduate.

What happens if I don’t build my schedule?

A schedule will be built for you based on available classes. Many courses will already be full, so you will get whatever is still available – whether it’s one you want to take or not. If you choose to make a change, the counselor will have to do it for you.

What is the “add/remove” option is not available when I login into Arena Scheduling?

If you do not see the the add/remove option that means Arena Scheduling is not open at that time. If you are attempting to build your schedule a minute or so before the window opens, you will need to refresh your screen and click on “Arena Scheduling.” If it still doesn’t work, contact the counseling office.

Why don’t I see all of the sections for a course?

Always make sure to click on “Next” or the arrows at the bottom of the page to see more listings for that course/period/teacher. It’s just like turning a page in a book.

How do I see what my schedule looks like?

Click on “Selected Classes.” This will show you what classes you have during what period, and where you still need to add classes. Click on “Available” to return to the available courses.

What do I do if two (or more) of the classes I want to take are only offered during the same period?

You will have to make a choice. Every effort was made to build the master schedule with as few conflicts as possible. Unfortunately, there will still be conflicts between certain combination of courses.

When is my schedule finalized?

Courses are final as soon as you select them. To view your entire schedule, click on “Selected Classes.” You can print out a copy of your schedule the following day.

How do I add audition or student aide classes?

Audition classes are added by your counselor as soon as the teacher submits the list of selected students. This also includes “student aide” positions.

If I wait to fill my schedule, will I have a better chance of getting the classes I want?

No. Classes fill up quickly. The longer you wait, the lower your chances are of getting what you want. Fill your schedule with possible classes and then check if other classes open up later.

If I talk to the teacher of the class I want, can they approve the addition of the class?

No. Teachers cannot increase the size of their classes and neither can the counselors. If the class is full, it is full. Do not bring a note from a teacher requesting to add a seat. (This is the equivalent of cutting in the line of students who are following directions. If a seat does open up, it will open on arena scheduling.)

Once I complete my schedule, do I need to check it again before the beginning of the school year?

Yes. It is always a good idea to check your schedule occasionally during the summer. Many times courses or faculty assignments change which may drop a class you have selected. Arena scheduling will be open in August so you can fix any changes that may have happened.