Concurrent Enrollment Steps for Weber

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Review instructions prior to beginning the admissions application.

Please plan to complete the application process before the summer break begins in order for a timely registration process in the fall. Make sure to enter all of the information accurately, otherwise you may be required to take documentation such as a birth certificate or social security card to the actual Weber State campus to make corrections.

Note: Once you have completed the admissions process and have been formally admitted to WSU, you do not need to apply again.

Go to and follow the steps to complete the admission process.

  • Step 1 – Apply to Weber State
    • You will create your own login ID and PIN.
    • You will need the following information to complete the admissions application:
      • Your name as list on your Birth Certificate (no nicknames, etc.)
      • Your Social Security Number (SSN) (not eligible without a SSN)
      • Your home mailing address for the past two years (to establish state residency)
      • Your driver’s license number (if applicable)
      • A credit/debit card to pay the $30 admissions fee
      • Your State Student Identification Number (or SSID); you will need to obtain this from Bingham High School

If you experience any problems, please contact the Admissions Office at:
(801) 626-6743

Note: The admissions fee must be paid prior to or during the admissions window for the given term you plan on participating in concurrent enrollment. You will not be able to register for any courses until this fee is paid and processed.

  • Step 3 — Register for courses:
    • The high school will provide you with the appropriate information to complete the process the first week of the semester you are taking the course. This must be completed in timely manner.
    • Only concurrent students are allowed to register for concurrent courses. The concurrent course listings do not appear on the WSU course listing.
    • There will be a $5.00 partial tuition fee required at the time of registering for the class