Concurrent Enrollment Steps for SLCC

For all students who would like to participate in the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Program, proceed to the website listed below, to begin learning more about the process and access their admissions information.

Steps for SLCC Admission & Creating “My Page”

Students must be admitted to Salt Lake Community College in order to take concurrent enrollment classes. If students have never taken concurrent classes at Salt Lake Community College the following steps must be taken to complete the on-line application and pay the one-time $40.00 application fee.

There will be a $5.00 per credit hour fee that will be assessed by SLCC at the time of registration.

To apply, you will need:

  • A credit card in order to pay the one-time $40, non-refundable admission fee (If you are unable to pay with a credit card you may pay with cash or check by filling out the applications online and then visiting a SLCC cashiers office within three days of filling out the application.)
  • Your state SSID number.  It begins with either the number 1 or 2 and is a seven digit number. If you do not know your SSID number, ask your high school counselor or administrator for it.
  • Your social security number. This is optional, but strongly recommended.
  • An email address.
  • The approval of your parent or guardian. 

Step 1 –Apply for SLCC Admission.  Go to

Under “The 3 Steps” click Admissions (Once).  Read this page CAREFULLY.  At the bottom of the page click APPLY FOR ADMISSION NOW

  1.  Click “Yes” that you are currently a High School Student.
  2.  Click “Yes” that you plan to take SLCC Concurrent Enrollment classes.
  3.  Next, if you do not already have an “S” number from SLCC, click “No”. 
  4. Choose your home high school from the dropdown menu.
  5. You must enter your School State ID (found in Skyward under general information) and complete the personal information. Your Social Security number is not required.  Use June and the year of your graduation for Expected Graduation Date.  You will begin classes Fall Semester 2019.  “Next.”
  6. Read the “Memorandum of Understanding” and check the box saying you have read it.  Click “Print this Page” and bring a copy to Mrs. Poulsen, CTE Coordinator in AD112. “Next”.
  7. Choose your method of payment and enter the required information

Step 2 – Wait for a reply letter.  The SLCC student number, called your “S” number, will arrive in the mail a few days after you complete the application.  Record your number where you won’t lose it and can access it quickly (e.g. your mobile device, etc.). Please bring this number to the CTE Coordinator at your local High School.

Step 3 – Complete Placement Procedures.  SLCC requires placement testing or other steps for Math, English or another similar course.  If you are not sure if your course has a placement requirement please check the concurrent enrollment website at

Step 4 –Set up your “MySLCC” account. Please follow the instructions at on the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment website. You will need your “S” number to do this.  When it calls for the last four digits of your Social Security Number, you may also use the last four digits of your “S” number.

This is an essential step and will be required to register and pay for concurrent courses in the fall. The password is only good for 90 days so please plan to do this in August. The MySLCC account is used to recover your user name or password, register for classes, pay partial tuition, check grades and order transcripts.

Step 5 – Register for CE classes online during the first week of school.  You will obtain the class CRN number from your teacher at Bingham on the first day of class.  At that time, you will login to MyPage, and click Student tab.  Under Registration Tools, click Add or Drop Classes. Insert the CRN information for the class, click Register.  Check successful registration by clicking My Courses tab.  Your class will show up. 

Step 6 – Pay the Partial Tuition.  The $5.00 per credit hour tuition may be paid at the time of registration   You can pay the partial tuition online, by phone at 801-957-4868, or in person at a Cashier’s Window at SLCC.  To pay online, login to MyPage, click Student tab, in Student Portal, click Tuition Payment Options, click Make a Payment Here, select current semester, enter amount, and follow payment directions.  You can pay with a debit or credit card.

New CE Student Information Meeting

Live New Student Information Events

Students are strongly encouraged to attend a New Student Information Meeting before or within a few months of applying for admission and becoming a SLCC student. The meeting goes through everything a student needs to know to be successful in their first concurrent enrollment class. Information meetings typically last an hour followed by questions & answers. High schools should contact Leilani Clegg to schedule an information meeting in the high school. 

If the student’s goal is to:

  • take a few concurrent enrollment courses to build their college transcript
  • work in the direction of a 1-year Certificate of Completion
  • work in the direction of a 2-year Associate Degree


Before applying for admission at Salt Lake Community College you must meet the qualifying criteria set by the state, your high school and Salt Lake Community College. Your high school concurrent enrollment coordinator and counselor can help determine if you meet the qualifications for Concurrent Enrollment (CE). Students are encouraged to enroll in CE courses that align with their college and career goals. 

The following links are from the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment webpage:

Test score minimums (Note: Testing Requirements for Fall 2019 will be updated at a later date) –

Course Information and Planning –