Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Classes

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes are college level classes offered to high school students for both high school and college credit. College credits are recorded on a permanent college record and transcript; high school credits are recorded on the high school transcript. Courses taught at the high school are the same courses taught at the college site. Instructor qualifications, syllabi, assignments, textbooks, exams and grading requirements are equivalent. CE classes taught at Bingham are from Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University.

Pepper Poulsen

If you have questions about Concurrent Enrollment, please contact Pepper Poulsen

Concurrent Enrollment Course Offerings at Bingham

  • Art 1010 Exploring Art (SLCC)
  • Art 1080 (SLCC)
  • AT 2175 Introduction to Sports Medicine (WSU)
  • AT 2300 Emergency Response (WSU)
  • BUS 1010 Intro to Business (SLCC)
  • COMM 1010 Elements of Effective Communication (SLCC)
  • COMM 1020 Principles of Public Speaking (SLCC)
  • CTEL 1010 Leadership (SLCC)
  • ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing (SLCC)
  • ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing (SLCC)
  • FIN 1050 Personal Finance (SLCC)
  • HIST 1700 American Civilizations (SLCC) 
  • HTHS 1101 Medical Terminology (WSU)
  • HTHS 1110 Anatomy & Physiology Part 1 (WSU)
  • HTHS 1111 Anatomy & Physiology Part 2 (WSU)
  • HTHS 1120 Case Studies & Health Science (WSU)
  • HUMA 1010 Humanities (SLCC)
  • MATH 1030 Quantitative Reasoning (SLCC)
  • MATH 1050 College Algebra (SLCC)
  • MATH 1060 Trigonometry (SLCC)
  • MKTG 1030 Into to Marketing (SLCC)
  • MUSC 1010 Introduction to Music (SLCC)
  • PS 1890 Co-op Work Experience (WSU)​
  • POLS 1100 American National Government (SLCC)
  • SPAN 1010 Spanish 1 (SLCC)
  • SPAN 1020 Spanish 2 (SLCC)
  • THEA 1013 Intro to Theatre (WSU)

Registering for Concurrent Enrollment Classes

Students wanting to take Concurrent Enrollment classes will first need to register with the college.

Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion in General Education is official proof that a student has completed the general education requirements of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. Once awarded, it will appear on your transcript and is considered part of your permanent record. Many of the concurrent enrollment classes are actually taught at Bingham High School. However, there will be some concurrent on campus classes that students will need to travel to SLCC campus. This is a great opportunity for high school students to take college classes at a cheaper price ($5 per credit hour).

To begin this process, students will first need to meet with an Academic Advisor at SLCC. Click HERE to find out more information..

Please refer to the checklist below, or visit the concurrent on campus enrollment page at SLCC for more information HERE.

Accuplacer Testing

Several CE classes require a qualifying score that demonstrates proficiency in math or reading. Students can use their ACT scores or take an Accuplacer test at SLCC. Please contact the Testing Services to schedule an Accuplacer Test

SLCC Admission Update Instructions

For concurrent enrollment students who plan on transferring to Salt Lake Community College after graduation, you will need to update your status. Please follow the instructions below: 

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