Classroom Presentations

Counselors will be presenting Course Request information to the students in their Social Studies classes this Spring. During this presentation, students will be given a copy of their transcript along with a Course Request Card that will contain all the information they need to complete their schedule online. Below you will find a copy of the presentations given to the students.

We encourage all students to be in the class during these presentations. Students who are absent will want to meet with their Counselor to request courses next year. All the Registration information will also be posted on the Bingham High School website here.

Presentation Dates for 2023 school year:

Current 11th Grade Students February 1 – 16

Current 10th Grade Students February 27-28

Current 9th Grade Students
ELK RIDGE: March 6


Current 11th Grade Students Presentation

Current 10th Grade Students Presentation

Current 9th Grade Students Presentation