Arena Scheduling Instructions

Bingham High School

Arena Scheduling Instructions

Prepare for Arena Online Scheduling by completing the scheduling worksheet (in your registration packet) prior to Arena Scheduling dates. The Master Class Schedule, containing a list of available classes, can be viewed on the Bingham High School website at or a printed copy can be obtained in the Counseling Center.

  • Carefully review your graduation requirements on your printed transcript or on Skyward to determine what classes you will need to take to meet graduation requirements. Counselors are available to assist you but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you select the classes on Arena Scheduling that you need for graduation.
  • Use the scheduling worksheet (in your registration packet) to help prepare you for Arena Scheduling. Plan for alternates, especially electives, in the event that some of your class choices are not available. For course descriptions, refer to the Bingham Course Catalog either online at or the hard copy found in your Registration Packet.
  • YOU MUST SELECT COURSES TO FILL ALL 8 PERIODS. Failure to fill in all your classes will require your counselor to select courses for you. When a course is selected by a counselor it then becomes “locked” which will require counselor assistance to adjust your schedule.
  • Audition courses will NOT appear in Arena Online Scheduling for students to select. Students trying out for audition programs at Bingham High School will be notified prior to registration if they have been approved for those programs. These courses will be placed in the students’ schedule by the registrar prior to the opening of online scheduling. The exceptions to this procedure are as follows:
    • Dance Company – Period 4
    • Student Government – Period 7

If you are trying out for either of these options, please leave a blank spot in your schedule during the corresponding period and the course will be added later by the registrar if you are selected. If you do not get approved or selected, you will have an opportunity to fill the vacant spot with another class at a later date. See the Arena Scheduling Dates flyer for when Arena Scheduling will be open.

  • If you have applied for a JATC program and are selected, the program will be added to your schedule. You will NOT need to add this program to your schedule. To view all JATC programs, please visit
  • For Juniors & Seniors Only: if you are requesting to be a student aide, contact the teacher for whom you want to aide. If approved, the teacher will fill out a student aide request form and return it to the Counseling Center.

***Please Remember***: All sophomores and juniors are REQUIRED to take the following courses:
● Language Arts ● Math ● Science ● Social Studies

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