5 Things to Know About JATC

  1. Students in the Jordan School District can attend the JATC — Jordan Academy for Technology & Careers (located at 90th & Bangerter or 12723 Park Ave Riverton)
  2. Programs are available for juniors and seniors only.
  3. Students at JATC attend classes everyday. Two periods a day are at the regular high school and two periods a day are at the JATC. Programs are usually offered in the mornings and in the afternoons. There are a few programs that are only 2 programs every other day.
  4. All JATC classes count as CTE or elective credits for high school. Many also offer concurrent enrollment credit.
  5. Plan ahead! If you think you may want to apply to JATC for either junior or senior year, plan out your schedule ahead of time in order to get all your graduation requirements (i.e. Fine Arts, PE, etc) done so there will be room in your schedule.